Magic In A Bottle

The Transformative Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Technology

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Traditional carpet cleaning requires significant training to achieve good results. With the Releasit encapsulation system it is very simple to train technicians who can then achieve superior results with minimum supervision. Superior cleaning can be easily achieved by your employees, making it simple to set up a system that can produce duplicatable and consistent results.


The surfactant package is highly effective on the widest range of soils, covering everything you’re likely to encounter in a commercial setting. The polymeric based detergent absorbs oils, sticky soil and old detergent residue that may be present in the carpet. The built-in fluoro-chemical in most of the detergents that we use helps to resist re-soiling and also lowers surface tension which further assists the detergent’s ability to wet out and release soil. The fluoro-chemical also helps the encapsulation polymer to release more easily from the carpet fiber during post-vacuuming. And lastly, the fluoro-chemical helps to retard the wicking process. Carpet’s are easier to maintain and they stay clean longer.


With the encapsulation carpet cleaning method, the soil laden CRYSTALON3 polymer will be extracted through post-vacuuming. The soil breaks free from the fiber as the carpet is scrubbed and gets held in suspension. The crystallized residue can then be vacuumed during the normal routine of post-vacuuming.


The CRYSTALON3 polymer has an additional attribute beyond its strong ability to absorb soil and release from the fiber. The CRYSTALON3 encapsulation polymer is also a major factor in helping the carpet to stay clean longer between cleanings. The brittle non-sticky polymer resists soil (as opposed to traditional detergents that can act like a dirt magnet). If the crystallized polymer gets wet again it will actually be re-hydrated reverting back to a polymeric liquid. When it dries it will re-crystallize all over again—so a build-up can never occur.

crystallized polymer

Crystallized Polymer

As you clean the carpet it looks like the spots disappeared, but actually, it's encapsulating crystals pulled to the surface and you vacuum them away! The chemical continues to work after the cleaning, so with each vacuum, you are still cleaning your carpets... thus magic in a bottle!

Happy Customers

"I was the one ready to buy my own shampoo system—believed there was no one who understands clean. Tired of spending my money having my carpet cleaned and not only was it not truly clean, within a week it looked like we had never had it cleaned. I was skeptical, but willing to give it a try. Not only did it look amazing afterwards, it’s been 6 weeks and our carpet still looks amazing. I highly recommend this company" —Elizabeth Miller, Owner of Ben's Soft Pretzels