before & after carpet cleaning

Magic in a Bottle

As you clean the carpet it looks like the spots disappeared, but actually, it’s encapsulating crystals pulled to the surface and you vacuum them away! The chemical continues to work after the cleaning, so with each vacuum, you are still cleaning your carpets… thus magic in a bottle! 

Full Service Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We are experts at carpet cleaning. Our processes along with our encapsulating carpet detergent makes your carpet cleaner, soil resistant and last longer.

Our Services

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Our Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Technology helps to solve common problems associated with commercial carpet cleaning.

Perpetually Clean Carpet

Implementing a routine carpet maintenance program preserves, maintains and extends the life of any carpet investment, making restorative cleaning essentially unnecessary.

One Time Cleaning

If regularly scheduled carpet cleaning is of no immediate need, we are happy to provide you with a one time carpet cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Training

Our carpet cleaning training will give you the knowledge you need to start your own carpet cleaning business.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Our expertise and dedication to commercial carpet cleaning makes us more than just professionals. 

Carpet Cleaning Equipment & Supplies

We can supply you with the carpet cleaning equipment and supplies you need for your carpet cleaning business.

Happy Customers

"I was the one ready to buy my own shampoo system—believed there was no one who understands clean. Tired of spending my money having my carpet cleaned and not only was it not truly clean, within a week it looked like we had never had it cleaned. I was skeptical, but willing to give it a try. Not only did it look amazing afterwards, it’s been 6 weeks and our carpet still looks amazing. I highly recommend this company" —Elizabeth Miller, Owner of Ben's Soft Pretzels

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